Dr. Brigitte Winkler

Curriculum vitae

Ten years experience as an internal senior consultant and manager in the HypoVereinsbank AG
Personnel developer in the Human Resources corporate level of Hypo-Bank AG
Internal consultant for Organisational Development at an English finance service firm, in UK, London
Department Manager of Personnel and Training in a corporate area of the Hypo-Bank AG (department director responsible for 10 employees)
Project leadership of diverse projects for Human Resources Management in the scope of a corporate merger between two large German banks
Department Manager of personnel development in the HypoVereinsbank AG (director and signing officer, responsible for 14 employees)
Founding of the consultancy A47 Consulting with Dr. Stefan Dörr und Dr. Ulfried Klebl at the end of 1999
Since 2003, Co-editor of the journal Organisations-Entwicklung (Organisation and Development, specialist publication of the publisher Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH, www.zoe-online.org)



Study of Psychology with a major in Business and Organisational Psychology with a minor in Employment Law at the TU Berlin and LMU Munich
Doctorate at the LMU München for Dr. phil. with supervisor Prof. Dr. D. Frey with the subject: „The effects of Fairness perceptions on employee reactions from performance evaluations“- Title: „summa cum laude“
Organisational development education (2.5 years extra-occupational) at TOPS Berlin (Dr. Klaus Doppler, Dr. Cornelia Edding, Norbert Hinkel)
Qualification in cognitive behaviour therapy (5 years extra-occupational), at the Bavarian Academy for Psychotherapy (500 training hours)
Acquisition of the European certificate in Psychology of the European Federation of Psychologists Association
Diverse further training in the areas strategic personnel and management development
Membership in the Academy of Management (Divisions Management Consulting, Organizational Change)
Language education in French at the Université Haute Bretagne in Rennes, France
English intensive language study as an extra-occupational achievement during employment in England


Acquisition of the European certificate in Psychology of the European Federation of Psychologists Association
Acquisition of the licence for DIN 33430 for proficiency assessment procedures and their professional implementation

Certification as Senior Coach BDP
as well as Supervisor and Mediator in the professional association of the German Psychologists

Consulting Range

Research and Teaching



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  • Individual Assessments
    for the Selection of Top Management
  • Management Audits
  • Potential Analyses
  • Development- and Assessment Centers
  • Interview- and Observer Training
  • Project Consultation and Supervision
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Surveys
  • Consultation of Post-Merger and
    Restructuring processes
  • Change Monitoring