A47-Change Management


Organisational growth, restructuring, reorganizations, mergers, outsourcing measures, company disposals, changes in business strategies, products and processes are concrete causes for change processes in organisations, that management and employees must master in addition to their daily duties. Less comprehensive changes, for example the new formation of a team, the integration of a new employee, the settlement of a long-evolving conflict, or the assumption of new roles and responsibilities can also bring out the question of whether these changes can be successfully mastered.

A47 Consulting supports and advises managers, project leaders and internal and external consultants with their goal-focuses handling of these change processes. Our consultations begin where traditional strategic consulting ends, with the sustainable implementation of change measures in the affected social systems, the employees, managers and cooperation partners of the organizations. Our consulting services comprise the preparation and conception of change initiatives as well as the concrete implementation support and the monitoring of attained results.

Our expertise in this consulting field arises from our own experiences as responsible change managers in internal projects, from the completion of relevant training and certification programs, as well as our consultation experience in over one hundred Change Projects. In a multitude of implemented workshops, we have continuously broadened and deepened our interventions and moderation know how, as well as sharpening our professional view of the multitude of possible dynamics in social systems.

Our partner, Prof.¬†Dr. Brigitte Winkler, is the primary editor of the respected journal Organisations-Entwicklung (Organisation and Development) that is published quarterly and presents innovative concepts, tools and the newest developments in the subject field ‚ÄěChange Management‚Äú. Through cooperations with respected partners, we are able to offer a multitude of consultation services in this field.





  • Individual Assessments
    for the Selection of Top Management
  • Management Audits
  • Potential Analyses
  • Development- and Assessment Centers
  • Interview- and Observer Training
  • Project Consultation and Supervision
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Surveys
  • Consultation of Post-Merger and
    Restructuring processes
  • Change Monitoring