Consulting services
for Change Management

Every change project occurs in its specific context. Thus, the required measures must also be specific. Our broad consulting spectrum allows us to provide the appropriate interventions:

  • Conception of project architecture for Change projects
  • Implementation of organizational diagnoses and surveys
  • Merger consultation services for post-merger and integration processes
  • Group development after strategic new orientation
  • Consultation for the implementation of marketing concepts
  • Consultation for HR strategic processes
  • Conception and moderation of theme-specific workshops, interactive information and dialogue forms
  • Preparation of managers for moderation of dialogue-oriented group workshops in the framework of change projects
  • Qualification measures for managers and project leaders for the management of change projects
  • Project consultation and supervision
  • Conception and implementation of team development
  • Preparation, implementation and conflict mediations
  • Change monitoring – Evaluation of change effects and results
  • Individual coaching and consultation of managers in change situations and for change projects

Consequential orientation to customer value, personal trustworthiness, reliability, competence, clarity in communication and discretion are some of the factors that distinguish us in our work with clients. These qualities are, above all important requirements for change management projects in order to be quickly accepted, and thus effective as a advisor for client systems.





  • Individual Assessments
    for the Selection of Top Management
  • Management Audits
  • Potential Analyses
  • Development- and Assessment Centers
  • Interview- and Observer Training
  • Project Consultation and Supervision
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Surveys
  • Consultation of Post-Merger and
    Restructuring processes
  • Change Monitoring