Consulting services for Management diagnostics

Dependent upon the framework conditions and goals of our clients, we can select from a broad spectrum of suitable methods and processes:

  • Development of competency models
  • Management Audits
  • Assessment Center for the selection of specialist and leadership staff and the selection of trainees
  • Structured, competency-based placement interviews
  • Psychological testing processes
  • Development Center
  • Potential analysis processes for the identification of specialist and leadership staff
  • Individual assessment center for the selection of top managers
  • Multi-source feedback processes

We orientate ourselves in our approach to the culture and specific environment of our clients. „Off the shelf“ solutions in such a sensitive field are not goal-directed and limit the effect of measures. The Job Relatedness of our processes not only increases the acceptance of all involved parties, but also the diagnostic quality.

To ensure the that our diagnostic interventions are a value-enhancing measure for both the organization, as well as the individual participant, we focus on the following aspects in our process consulting:

  • transparent communication for all process participants,
  • the qualification of decision-makers in their assessment competencies,
  • application of method methodologically validated instruments,
  • fair and transparent implementation,
  • sensitive treatment of participant results, and
  • developmentally oriented feedback processes





  • Individual Assessments
    for the Selection of Top Management
  • Management Audits
  • Potential Analyses
  • Development- and Assessment Centers
  • Interview- and Observer Training
  • Project Consultation and Supervision
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Surveys
  • Consultation of Post-Merger and
    Restructuring processes
  • Change Monitoring