Prof. Dr. Tina Seidel

"In every new beginning lives a mystery, but also many challenges. The change to a new university campus was connected with many new beginnings: a new university, a newly formed faculty, a mixture of new and familiar colleagues, a team that had transferred from the old campus and others newly joined, old projects which had to be completed, and new ones which were important to develop our profile. In this situation it was of critical benefit to be professionally assisted by A47 Consulting. The coaching of A47 Consulting had demonstratively developed my abilities as a leader. I now approach difficulties more relaxed and maintain a clear vision and perspective. The mixture of perspectives and concrete measures was for myself especially beneficial. Thus, I was quickly and concretely able to realise most of the changes."

Prof. Dr. Tina Seidel
Technical University Munic

TUM School of Education

Friedl Sch├Âller foundation endowed chair for academic
and university research